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Does leaving your child alone with a nanny stress you out?

HeyMom’s AI powered monitoring and alert system helps parents feel confident that their children will be safe when parents aren’t around.

1 childvideo: in red zoneaudio: none

HeyMom’s AI system

feedback rating (23)

HeyMom’s AI system

feedback rating (23)

Hey Mom’s user friendly app provides parents with detailed metics about what their child is experiencing during the day, including interactions with their babysitters or nannies.

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How we help parents

Basic safety

HeyMom informs you if your child has been crying or if the nanny has left your child unattended for an extended period of time.

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Your child has been crying for the last 7 minutes.

Dangerous places

HeyMom will notify you if your baby is in a potentially dangerous place (i.e. on a table, on a windowsill, etc.)

1 childvideo: in red zoneaudio: none
Your child has entered a zone marked as potentially dangerous.

Babysitter / Nanny's activity tracking

HeyMom also keeps track of your babysitter or nanny’s activities, letting you know if they are actively engaged with your child.

1 adultvideo: in viewaudio: positive
1 childvideo: in viewaudio: positive
Your baby is in a very good mood playing with the caregiver. Wonderful moments!

Daily routine tracking

At the end of each day, HeyMom will send you a report with data that reflects your baby’s daily activities such as naptime, playtime, feeding time, etc.

1 childvideo: in viewaudio: none
Your baby has fallen asleep. Take a look at this!

Feedback from parents

mother of a one-year-old boy

I’ve really liked the Heymom baby monitor. It’s nice to be able to check in on my baby while I’m gone and I like the schedule feature. It was super easy to set up!

mother of a one-year-old boy

First week I used HeyMom to test my nanny. I told her there was a home camera but I did not tell her it was a smart one. My nanny did pretty good. After that as Oleg advised I told her that we are using this smart monitoring. They started to spend more time in the room with HeyMom so I could see how good my nanny was. Now I get more detailed information about her work and I see clearly that she is very active and positive with my son.

mother of a two-year-old boy

I am an entrepreneur and I have busy and sometimes long workdays. What I get from HeyMom is a feeling of calmness when I am away. I like going through the app and learning about how my child is spending the day. Also, HeyMom’s daily reports save me time.

mother of a two-year-old boy

For me, it’s very important that my son is never unattended by his nanny. As of September 2020, I have been using HeyMom for 3 months. I have always believed that my nanny performs her duties well, but now that I know about even the smallest details, I can correct her work as I need to.

Video Privacy and Data Safety Policy

Family safety and data privacy is incredibly important to us at HeyMom. Any data that we collect with our proprietary home security systems is encrypted on our protected cloud servers. We do not use face recognition technology and all data is absolutely anonymous.

People behind HeyMom

Hi! We are Heini & Oleg, co-founders of HeyMom services. These are our wonderful boys.

As parents, we worry about our children when we can’t be there with them. This is why we created HeyMom.

Back in 2018, a nanny took care of our youngest son. She was a great person but we were still worried about our baby because he can be very sensitive.

So we started looking for a service like HeyMom, but could not find anything that would meet our needs. So we decided to create our own service based on our experience and vision of child safety.

Heini took on the role of solution architect and Oleg became the chief developer. Our boys tested the service relentlessly for every potential case.

Now we want to share the results of our work with other families just like yours.

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We gethered the most common questions about HeyMom in the FAQs section.

If you haven't find answer to your question, use our online chat or write to hello@heymom.ai


How can I connect any camera to the HeyMom software?

In case you use cameras of one of our partners, you will need to read the QR-code on the back side of the camera and Heymom will connect to your camera automatically.

In any other case, our representative will ask you to provide the static IP address of your camera. You can easily get a static address from your internet provider.

Is HeyMom always operating when my cameras are on?

No. You can set the time when HeyMom monitors the baby’s environment in our mobile app in the Settings page. You will get alerts and messages only when HeyMom is on. However, you can watch the video anytime, anywhere.

If I buy HeyMom with the cameras you offer, can I use them as regular home cameras when I don’t need HeyMom anymore?

Absolutely. This is one of the advantages of HeyMom. Use it as long as your child needs it. After that, you can use your cameras as regular home security cameras.

Can I customize the messages HeyMom sends me?

Yes. You can customize the frequency of periodical messages as well as events that trigger alerts. To do this, go to the Online settings page in our mobile app.

Besides alert messages, will I receive any other information about my baby’s day?

Besides messages, at the end of the day you will get a report containing detailed information on your baby’s mood and the activity of your caregiver. See these information at the Reports page in our app.